Sunday, 27 March 2011

Friday, 11 March 2011

Custom resin bases

I finally got the bases molded, cast, detail added & painted.
Considerring its my first go at casting, Im really pleased with how they came out!

Monday, 7 March 2011

My first tournament!

So the last few posts were the stuff ive previously painted & posted..

I am currently getting ready for my first tournament at the end of the month; which means finally finishing an army for my Iron Lords!
There isnt a huge amount thats need to be done.. but its still intimidating. Especially when you considder that ive never completely painted an army before!

Ive roughly picked out my 1,500point force (I still plan to get a few trial games in before submit my list) from my collection of about 4,000 points or so..

Im planning on taking:

Chaos lord with mark of Slaanesh, demon weapon & demon steed.
Chaos lord with mark of Slaanesh, jump pack & lightning claws.

10 Chaos warriors with mark of Slaanesh, 2 meltaguns, a rhino with dozer blade & a champion with a power weapon.
5 Noise marines with 4 sonic blasters, a champion with a doom siren & a power weapon.
5 Noise marines with 4 sonic blasters, a champion with a doom siren & a power weapon.

5 Raptors with mark of Slaanesh, a meltagun & a champion with lightning claws.

2 vindicators with demonic posession.
1 Defiler with 2 additional clsoe combat weapons.

Just under half of that is fully painted, a quater is partly painted, the rest are under-coated.. & none of it is properly based.
My partner helped my get all the resin bases made over the weekend & ive almost finished painting them.. next are the troops.

Ill take some pics of the wip tonight.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

More Wip

Some WIP troops:

& some WIP tanks (some are from my corrupted IG):

So thats whats on my desk..

WIP stuff

I decided to recruit some raptors for responsive close support, & decided they needed some punch.
So made this guy (WIP) to lead them:

Im not happy with his base.. i think ill change it to something more befitting of a lord..

Thinking of bases.. I am in the process of casting my own resin bases to re-base the whole army.
They will look something like this:
(I just finished casting & adding detail to the rest of these over the to get them painted!)

I tried my hand at making some counts as plague marines; Iron Golems.
Basically, cybernetic constructs: 

Some finished troops:

'Hey, pull my finger..'

Mounted lord..

My lord earned himself a reputation of being a bullet magnet.

So I decided to give him some new toys.. like enourmous boinic legs (counts as: demonic steed)!

(Can you spot all the bits?)

Painted rhino..

So I started a blog..

Alright.. im at work & bored.
What else was I supposed to do?

Since I dont have anything interesting or exciting on hand.. ill re-post some exerpts from my Iron Lords modelling diary on

I have been working on this army for the best part of a year now.. growing, re-modelling & re-defining.
I have a few pictures of semi painted models (please excuse the photos.. im a painter not a photographer!), all slightly dated now.. but hopefully this will spur me on to keep painting them (sooo much silver!) & taking photos!
Ive worked out some of the fluff for these guys.. maybe one day ill write it all down, but the short version is, they split from the iron warriors due to idealogical differences.. ie they hate 'chaos' & see mutation as a revolting weakness. All mutations suffered are removed & replaced with bionics.
They see machines as sacred tools & beleive that a combination of warp energy & machines will pave the way to mankinds ultimate salvation..
Anyway on with the pics!
Ill start with my converted lord..
Arm swap, backpack glued ontop of the termie armour for the servoa arm & sculpted a termie shoulder pad into an iron lords icon.

Forgeworld iron warriors dread.. I got it purely for the lascannon!
It has had all the detail work done since these photos were taken & is currently in the golden demon finals for 40k vehicle!

& a groups shot of some troops..

I have since done work on more troops, havocs, a defiler, 3 predators, 3 vindicators, raptors, terminators, a landraider, a chirurgien & my favourites.. a squad of heavily converted veterans (iron hands parts, forgeworld iron armour, forgeworld bolters are a few of the highlights)..
I am also working on casting my own bases for them (except I ran out of latex for the mold!).
I also like the idea of them pressing large formations of IG renegnades ahead of them as meatshields.. which leads to my next modelling diary which is due to start soon.
I have the models, the parts are in the mail..  {edit: they are now in a neatly organised box in my cupboard.. steel legion models are not fun to convert!}
so that was my first post.. ill dig up some others (including painted tanks & some WIP troops etc) after lunch