Thursday, 24 January 2013

more nurgle

So I based the new bloke on the block with another one of the secret weapon bases I bought for the nurgle army..

then got carried away & made some spawn:

This one is for those unfortunate chaos boon rolls

These guys were just for shits & giggles.. not too happy with them though.
I think ill sell them & try something different

First mini of '13

So I randomly got excited & painted up this chappy:

I think '13 will be a good year for hobby.
I have bought almost all the models I plan on needing for the next year (or maybe more!), including two new full sized armies, two small allied detachments, some exciting display pieces & the largest Golden Demon project ive ever started.. stay tuned!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Just going to leave this here..

I was reading a review of the wargames factory shock troops kit over on Standard Template Construct & figured I should post up what I did with the models..

Nothing fancy; I just kitbashed the shock trooper body, cadian arms & a pig iron gasmask head.
Cost a little bit more than just sticking to the wargames factory kit, but looks a lot better in my opinion!