Tuesday, 24 May 2011

antenocitis workshop

Antenocitis Workshop make some incredibly cool miniatures & scenery - all of which ties in very neatly with Infinity!

Lets start with the best first!
W Grav-Tank:

GOT Sentry Bots x 2

Security Bots x2

Aegis 4 Turret

Medical Scanner

Fuel Stations x2

Communication Points

Bunker Entrance Doorway

Automated Sentry System

Air Filtration Units

Sci-Fi Crates & Barrels

Sci-fi Auto-doc / ATM

Sci-Fi Ammunition Crates

Sci-fi Command Console Set

Sci-Fi Computer Screen Detailing Set

 They also have a range of very detailed computer screen decals (pic unavailable - I assume to stop plagarists) which can be used to take your screens to a whole new level.

As well as interesting centre piece models, there are a myriad of simple little items & everyday things that can be used to make a very realistic future environment!

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