Monday, 11 June 2012

Leviathan Crusader WIP

When I saw these, I knew my Iron Warriors needed one!

I missed the first release, but was lucky enough to score one from the second & final release!

Its been a really fun return to good old fashioned modelling for me.. it wasnt perfect out of the bag. I had to work to make things fit.. my room is covered with a fine layer of resin dust & all my other projects got shunted to the back of the table (even though im meant to be finishing off my Nurgle army for event horizon!).
All those things have given me a real sense of satisfaction while building this fantastic piece of kit!

Its almost finished the build stage now.. its magnetized for transport & to make it pose-able.
Just need to do a bit of greenstuff work to plug the odd gap.. then its time to chaos-ify it!


  1. Very nice! I made the tolerances a bit to tight in the arm pit area... I had to dremel these as well.

    All the best!

    1. Thanks!

      The spine & chest plate were the bits I had the most trouble with.. but nothing a few tools & a bit of patience couldn't overcome!

      Ive had to put off finishing the build so I can complete the paintjob for a tournament army I need for next weekend.. but I cant wait to get back to it!