Sunday, 1 July 2012

Nurgle reinforcements have arrived! Obliterators done!

Alright.. ive been putting this off because im kind of sick of looking at these guys (after an epic paint-a-thon)..

But here they are, in all their nasty glory:


Random bolter guy.. for.. just because:

Group shot:

Objective markers:

And the stars of the show..

Fatty on stinkbeast:


  1. Hi.
    I really love your painting and conversion.. And im very curious what material you used for the blue "flames" with the head on Typhus? Would you care to share? :)

    1. Glad you like it.. & always happy to share!
      The 'flames' are from the IoB high elf mage, cut up & rearranged to fit with the implied movement of the scythe.
      I then added in some bits cut off the corpse pile section of the corpse cart for the heads & arms.