Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Golden demon '12 entries: pt2

Now that the dust has settled after the usual mad rush to complete all my entries for this year.. Golden Demon has been & gone.
The rule changes didnt work in my favour, but more specifically, there was some incredible entries on display this year! (that translates to I didnt even make it to the finals this year :( )

Anyway, it was all very hectic in the lead up (hence the lack of posting) & I(read as: my fiancĂ©e) decided that I needed a break afterwards.
So I jumped on a plane to go sleep off the stress on a tropical island beach, in Fiji!

But enough of that.. I should get around to the point of the post: the pics of my entries for GD!

40k squad
(individual pics are floating about somewhere if anyone is interested)
40k squad (leader)
40k squad (leader rear)
LOTR entry
LOTR entry
40K Monster

40K Monster

40K Single

40K Single

As always, the little things that cost me in the comp are glaringly obvious now that ive reviewed the models with objective eyes (& eyes that arent sore from long work hours followed by long painting hours!).
But these are the thing you learn from..

So, thats my attempt for a demon in GD '12.. the result wasnt exactly satisfying, but I feel invigorated & ready to push even harder for next year.
So much so, that Ive already started planning next years entries..

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