Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Culstists & bases

few words, just pics..

WIP cultists

& all their bases.. all from secret weapon.

Plus a few bases for the next batch of nurgle models..


  1. Hi there, I hope you will read this, I am in the process of building a nurgle army and I have been very inspired by your painting methods. I have some questions about the use of washes on models and (what seems to be) fluorescent paints you use for the eyes and other glowing objects. Any chance you could divulge on how you have painted some of these models? Friendly regards!

    1. Always happy to share info on my works!

      All these cultists were painted over a single weekend.. so this was a very quick & dirty technique.

      I used my airbrush to undercoat & set up preshading.
      I used thinned paints (velejo air) to block in the main colours. Then did a single highlight, followed by some edge highlights.
      I then used a number of thinned inks & washes to work in the various other colours (red, blue, green, purple)
      The last step was the eyes.
      To ensure that they are nice & bright, I mixed up a thin white ink. I applied on & around the eyes.
      I then washed over the white with red.
      Once dried, I applied white again to the eyes themselves.
      I finally went over that with velejo fluro red.

      Hope that helps!

  2. That helps alot, one thing I still have to master is making my own washes and using inks, any tips you can provide? I love the use of the light purple and yellows in your bases and models, I think I can do something similair with the eyes, allthough I do not have white ink. (ill have a look see if vallejo has some white ink).

    1. Making inks & washes is actually pretty simple one you know what to do.. & why you use each.

      I use a wash to subtly change the colour of s previously blocked in area..
      I use inks where I only want the colour in the recesses..
      for example, I began the bases by painting them blue.. Then highlighting with gray through to almost white. I then sprayed patches of yellow over the top.
      Once this was dry, I used an orange ink over the yellow to get orange shades into areas such as as the spore pipe things.
      Once the ink dried, I washed the entire base with a heavily thinned purple wash.
      The yellow/orange doesn't take on as much of the purple, while the gray/white does (there is a scientific explanation regarding pigments & reflection, but I don't know it THAT well.. I just know it works! ).

      Now you have an idea how to use ink vs washes.. Here's how to make them: for inks you want to INCREASE the surface tension of the paint. This causes it to 'draw in on itself', helping it to stay in the deepest parts like you want.
      To do this, I simply add clear acrylic varnish to my paint until I get it to the desired consistancy (the only way to learn the right consistancy is practice, but as a guide, I keep my paint about the consistancy of milk.. so inks etc are more like cordial).
      In australia, there is a brand of floor polish that is basically clear acrylic varnish.. its called pascoes one go.. but if you do a quick google seach for 'magic wash' you ought to be able to find a similar product for where you live.

      Washes on the other hand are the opposite.. You want to reduce the surface tension so that it stays on the higher points of the model too.
      I do this by thinning my paint with water or thinning medium, then adding two drops of windex.

  3. Thanks alot, I'll start practicing on some models!