Thursday, 29 August 2013

WIP: BFG imperial fleet

I recently found my old BFG fleet that had been languishing under my mums house for eons.. figured, since im between jobs for 2 weeks, I ought to do something constructive.

This is basically a rescue job. At this stage, ive stripped the crappy mismatched paint job from them,  broken them all back down to the original parts, chipped off the caked on glue, replaced any missing parts with bits I cast myself or scratch built, rebuilt them & based all the metal models using metal rods (because fuck those stupid plastic sticks!). 
This whole fleet will be for sale once ive finished painting it!

There is also a decent space marine element to this fleet.

Since these pics were snapped, ive almost finished painting the whole fleet!
The SM are Imperial fists & the imperial ships are an attached navy fleet who have been given the honour of being able to bear the Imperial fist\ colours.

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