Sunday, 24 March 2013

All quiet on the eastern front..

So ive been pretty quiet lately.. not because ive not been painting, but because ive been painting too much!
(& not working which was the place where I normally found time to blog!)

I also went & got my first tattoo (see above)..

Anyway, I figured I should post a few pics up of what ive been doing..

I threw these bunch together for Cryx cup last weekend.. where I earnt the nice guy award for running CSM without any helldrakes.
A mix of repair, repaint & new models.. smashed them out in 3 days!

These guys will be my next major project:

I finally got some Infinity painted too!
This is the WIP stuff:

 This is my first 150 point force:

I also managed to track down some particularly fine pieces to paint.. Real collectors items!
But im going to sit on them for a little while.. sorry to tease!

Ive order a pile of bases from secret weapon for a project that will happen a bit later in the year.. but since I know thier stuff is great, I figured I ought to do a little review for those who arent so sure!

Lastly, Im working on a little side project ive been keeping in the wings until yesterday.. my true scale space wolves!
I found the last part I needed yesterday & its now in the mail!
Expect these guys to be happening soon!

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