Monday, 1 April 2013

Review: Alternate storm shields by thePaintingBunker

Alternate storm shields by thePaintingBunker:

Ive never tried this reviewing thing before, but I decided it was kind of selfish not to since I buy so many dam minis!
A fellow blogger, & mini painter/builder extraordinaire, that I have been following for some time (who honestly makes my work look like a kings cross footpath at 4am), John from, recently launched a new product.. 'proper' storm shields!
Id been looking for something like this for a long time to polish off a little project id been sitting on, so
with much excitement, I ordered a set within hours of them being announced.. 

With them in my hot little hands, I decided that now was as good a time as any to start making reviews.. so without further ado, lets look at these shields:

Ive blown the contrast right out in these pics so that the detail is more visible.. the white resin used to make them made getting decent pics a bit difficult..

As you can see, the detail is crisp & the castings relatively clean.. In fact, I commonly see more flash on FW products.
The tabs easily snap away from the shields without damaging them & the flash is easily trimmed away.
Only a few moments of work followed by a quick wash & these shields are ready to go.

The only 'defect' I could find (& I use the term lightly!), was a tiny section on one shield that had an internal air bubble.. I literally couldnt get a pic of it & it was only visible when held to the light. 
It wasnt big enough to cause any structural weakness.

The hand on the back fits a GW terminator shield arm snugly, or with a little bit of cutting, will also fit a standard marine (siege shields anyone?).

The shields themselves have plenty of detail & fit very well with the established space marine 'look'.
There is also enough space for a transfer of additional detail to be added.

Below are a few shots of what I have done with the ones that I ordered:

In summary, these are a well made product that provides a fantastic alternative to the standard tiny storm shields.. something that looks like it would deserve that 3++!

Since im posting these pics anyway, I may as well say a little about the project I used these shields for: My true scale space wolf Logan wing.

I bought the base mini for these guys a while ago from a company that got the old cease & desist from GW legal.. they were basical true scale marine 'blanks'.

As you can see from below, they fit with standard GW plastics quite happily, & stant about a full head taller than a regular marine.

These guys will all be based on Bone Field bases by secret weapon miniature.

Lastly, since this is my first product review (of many with a bit of a luck!), let me know if you have any feedback so I can improve future articles!

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