Friday 10 January 2014

BFG Imperial fleet finished pics

So I finished these back in september, but I only just got around to taking some decent pics!
Currently listed for sale on Wargamerau & via FB groups.

Indentured Imperial support fleet, attached to Imperial Fists 3rd company strike fleet.

Imperial Fists 3rd company strike fleet.

Imperial fleet - $600 AUD:
battleship x 2
cruiser x 6
Frigate x 8
Cobra x 3
Transport x 2

Marine fleet - $200 AUD:
Strike Cruiser x 1
Frigate x 4
Nova frigate x 3

$700 AUD for both

Additional pics can be provided upon request.

Will not be splitting individual items. Lot sales only.
Direct deposit preferred, payment by PayPal can be arranged, buyer pays paypal fee.
Buyer pays p&p - pickups can be arranged (Sydney CBD).

I Reserve the right to sell to whoever I choose.

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